"We build partnerships with families and community by delivering services
which enrich lives and shape our future"
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BANAC chose the Medicine Wheel for this design because it represents the Four Races... also the Four Directions and the Four stages of our lives, all in balance. The White Eagle Feather represents Peace..Peace among our Nations, .Peace within ourselves. The green circle surrounding this image represents Mother Earth, and the importance of all Nations to live in peace and harmony with her. BANAC supports All Nations in their journey towards Peace, Harmony and Acceptance.


These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behaviour as we work towards our vision:

  • Listening carefully and responding
  • Being respectful of all individuals
  • Educating ourselves about our culture
  • Honouring our ancestors
  • Developing capacity within the Aboriginal community

The Mission of BANAC is...
To provide a unified voice for all Aboriginal People; Inuit, Metis and First Nations throughout the Boundary Region;

To create a gathering place which will foster cultural education and celebrate the richness of the Aboriginal communities.

Our Vision keeps us moving forward.
BANAC will help to create a community which honours and respects Aboriginal culture, all generations, and the Earth whose generosity we all depend on.
The BANAC Journey
BANAC's journey began in the spring of 2003 from a desire to have greater opportunities to educate and care for their children and elders within the context of their culture. So, they set about creating a governing body to help bring opportunities. BANAC became a registered society in April 2005.

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On BANAC and on how to connect with the them, please contact:

The Aboriginal Family Support Worker at BFISS